Our Story

Baking has been a very important part of the Schenk Family since the early 20th century, when John Schenk first began the trade in Germany. Eager to take advantage of the land of opportunity, John Schenk and his wife, Pauline, packed their belongings, along with the Schenk’s Bakery recipes and immigrated to the USA in pursuit of the American Dream. They settled in Germantown, Pa where Schenk’s Bakery was opened in 1938.

John and Pauline had 3 children, Ken, Carl and Erna. Their two sons, Ken and Carl, continued in their father’s footsteps to become bakers as well. Carl married Marian and raised five children in The Olney section of Philadelphia. The Germantown location of Schenk’s Bakery was then relocated to Olney in the 1960s. Carl and Marian’s oldest son, Steven, worked with his father from the age of thirteen, fervent to learn the trade of baking and continue the family tradition.

In 1988, Steven and his wife, Christine, became incorporated and opened a bakery of their own, Schenk’s Family Bakery in Warminster, Pa. Both only 31 years old with four children under the age of 7, they were enthusiastic and determined to fulfill their dream.

Four years later, in February of 1992, Steven and Christine relocated their bakery closer to their residence in the Fox Chase Section of Philadelphia, where the bakery is still located today. Stop by…We look forward to seeing you!